Career Notes - Vinay Hegde


Welcome to my notes on various topics related to a Professional Career covering categories like:

  1. Finding Information on Companies before, during and after an interview process.
  2. Constructing an About Myself across job sites.
  3. Simple tricks to enhance our Resumes | Cover Letters
  4. Sites with Job Listings across the globe.
  5. Tackling the Interview Process

… and many more.

Tech Stack:

  • reStructuredText (RST) - To write .rst files for the formatting. You can start learning via this
  • Sphinx - The engine generating content in HTML, LaTeX, ePub. A beginner’s guide can be found on their page
  • GitHub - For maintaining the source code in version control.
  • ReadTheDocs - Hosting my documentation. Refer this excellent document to help you get up and running in no time.

Please Note:

  • Due to dynamic content for any topic in here, this will forever be a work in progress. Feedback, suggestions and queries are always appreciated!